change, education and communications strategy

what they said

The strategy and execution were received so positively that the instructing director advised the CX Coach team that the work would be used as a benchmark for approaching similar challenges in the future and the blueprint for how ITD communicates change in the future.

CX Coach were engaged by NSW Department of Education’s Information Technology Directorate to provide a change, education and communications strategy that would facilitate a potentially unpopular IT change program to an entire workforce made up of disparate cohorts with differing interests and preferred channels and styles of communication. 


CX Coach developed a master narrative in collaboration with the DoE project team, which was designed to capture an agreed and comprehensive explanation of what was happening and why. 


Using that narrative as a single source of truth, CX Coach then developed a suite of communications designed to achieve differing objectives (eg awareness, education, good news stories, call-to-action and countdown) using different styles to achieve penetration with specific audience segments. 


Specific communications items ranged from informative articles in newsletters aimed at school principals, to quirky YouTube clips and posters aimed at employees who needed to be 'won over' for their attention.


Communications channels were analysed and exploited for their usefulness by segment, allowing the messaging to be shaped differently for employees who are IT enthusiasts and hungry for detail to those who wanted the bare minimum of information to cope with the change and then forget about it.