what they said

     The program was best in

class, beautifully executed

and done with respect.

Marcia Somani

Head of Contact Centre, Serco

     I think what helped was

your in-depth knowledge of

the industry, it makes a

difference. You can tailor the

program to the

requirements. I also think

that the team feels very

comfortable in your setting,

you allow people to open up

and be who they are.

Mattie Minas

Serco Operations

Change resilience


The Customer Experience Coach was engaged by Serco under a professional services agreement to deliver a Cultural Change Program to support staff to better deal with change, and to assist with employee engagement. The participants included 10 leadership staff, 20 centre support staff and 90 contact centre agents.

The Program

  • Business/operational and emotional change

  • Resilience (outsource environment, client-led change)

  • Circle of influence

  • Change curve

  • Stages of grief

  • Self-awareness

  • High performing team cultures

  • Embedding activities for agents and leaders

​The Outcomes

  • Overall engagement – up 6% compared to the company result of 1%

  • Employee engagement with customers was 40%, now 80%

  • Leadership engagement was 70%, now 84%

     The program went way

above and exceeded

expectations. Fantastic

delivery - very hands on, you

understood the approach

that was required leading

into the training. The

sensitive delivery afterwards

was great.

Serco Team Leader