cx Consulting

CX Consulting

We always take an evidence based approach to our consulting services and take our commitments to our clients, their customers and their people seriously. We are able to draw from our years of experience to deliver programs that really work and achieve the business outcomes our clients set for us.


We work from inside the organisation and we are able to successfully work at all levels within a business to achieve the desired outcome.


Our services are centred around customer service delivery that ultimately serves the community.  We are able to turn customer strategy into tangible actionable steps that people understand and want to be a part of.


We are passionate about customers and the people that work within the customer experience industry.  We deeply care about everyone's experience and invest time and energy in ensuring that our services are seen to be positive and have added value to our clients, their people and their customers.

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ORGANISATIONAL design & operating models
customer contact diagnostic
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workflow & process design
customer led innovation
customer insights
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Customer contact diagnostic

CX Diagnostic


Observation of live or recorded customer interactions




Meet with stakeholders to review and validate our observations

Data Analysis

Conduct extensive data analysis

Report Writing

Detailed report writing from data analysis and observations

Share Results

Share the results of the observations and analysis, including recommendations to improve the customer experience


Conduct a workshop with stakeholders to understand the audit criteria and agree methodology


Develop a sampling methodology (interactions and customer insight data)



Build the call diagnostic tool ensuring it captures all relevant information to meet the project objective


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omni channel strategy

The rapid transformation of contact centres over the past 10 years from pure voice to digitally-enabled omni-channel operations has significantly changed the landscape.


And the pace of change is likely to continue to accelerate, fuelled by powerful affordable mobile devices that are both digital and personal, the rise in cloud computing, near field communication and virtual reality. 


Customers have moved from a world of limited choice and options to a highly personalised one where individuality is the key.


However, whilst the digital and mobile hubs drive opportunities for service and competitive differentiation, delivering exceptional customer service requires that all touch-points are unified so that customers have a consistent experience no matter where and how they interact.

Customer Journey Mapping

Process delivery mapping

Moments of truth

Customer experience room

Customer insights

Customer surveys

Customer immersion and mystery shopping

Customer Experience Standards
Research best practice
Define measurable customer and business outcomes
Policy and procedure expectations
Certification to relevant industry / government standards

Stakeholder management to set a new path
Customer orientation and change to reset expectations
Hot house / test and learn through doing
Implementation roadmap and plan
Engagement and ownership throughout organisation
Embed and operationalize

Implement a survey methodology
Gather results and analyse
Close loop improvement activities

Omni Channel Strategy