what they said

      My personal learning having managed people for a long time is that you never really know what any one person is capable of.  With the right tools and the right leadership, brilliance can come from anyone.


Senior Manager,

Client Services, Rockend

      It’s been an eye-opening experience for me in my professional life and also in my personal life as well. I’ve been able to successfully use the skills with my team and have seen positive shifts in performance. I sometimes also find myself on the weekend using the tools with my family and friends.


Team Manager,

Client Services, Rockend

CX Strategy & Leadership development

The Customer Experience Coach was engaged by Rockend to assist with the following CX Projects:

The Projects

  • Deliver a leadership development coaching program that is focused on teaching and embedding coaching skills

  • Assist the client services leadership team develop the customer experience roadmap that will see Rockend successfully meet their business plan goals in terms of multi-channel customer service delivery

  • Lead the requirement definition and change management activities of the Vocalcom omni-channel servicing platform

The Proccess

  • Conducted a Health Check to establish the baseline

  • Developed a tailored solution to suit the business and environment

  • Delivered customised workshops

  • Completed a four-week embedding program (coach the coach)

​The Outcomes

  • Delivered a 3-month leadership development program

  • Delivered a roadmap that defines the foundational operational and service capabilities to drive the transformation of the business

  • Defined and scoped omni-channel technology capability requirements

  • Delivered a successful change management service for the Vocalcom (cloud contact centre technology) solution

      We are now empowering our people to perform at their optimal best.


Team Leader, Client Services

      The program has shown me how to plan for my coaching sessions which allows me to be right there and present during conversations with my team members.


Team Leader,

Client Services, Rockend