training & coaching

our approach:

We create a completely custom-built solution to suit you and your people. It’s important that the foundations in your business are solid.  That’s why we employ a four-step approach to success.  Some businesses need all four steps; others may only need two.  It all depends on where the business is at with the practices it already has in place.


four steps to success:

step 1:

Health check

In this step, we establish the baseline for your business.  This enables us to understand the gap between your current culture and your ideal culture, your current business objectives and your ideal business outcomes.

step 2:


In this step, we go through a planning period where we share the results of the health check, including key findings from our analysis, observations and CX performance of your business.

At this point, we can begin to develop your customised training or coaching solution.  The aim is to ensure we meet you where you’re at – that means not covering off old ground that doesn't need to be revisted. These core ideas are the foundation of each customised solution we create.

step 3:

custom workshops

During this step, we run planned, customised training workshops for your people.  The focus is on improving capability and the behaviours that drive results.


The workshops are run as facilitator-led courses with comprehensive, supportive behavioural and functional training, focused on improving personal and business performance.  The learning objective of our workshops is to equip people at all levels within the business with the information and tools they need to effect the required cultural change and improve the customer experience.

step 4:

embed change

In this final step, our goal is to ensure that at the end of the program, your people have the tools and skills they need to deliver successful outcomes in a sustainable way.

During the embedding period, we become directly involved in your day-to-day operations to check the ‘theory’ is being executed and, more importantly, is delivering results.


We provide live, situational coaching and leadership to show your people how to use the tools and methods we teach with compassion, integrity, wisdom, knowledge and skill. The process is designed to fully honor the individuals in your business and access their natural gifts, talents, and experiences.